Sumatran Tiger Facts And Pictures

Sumatran Tiger

 Many of us believe that  Tigers are symbol of strength and bravery. Due to our cultures and old beliefs the tigers are killed and hunted by many people for different purposes. The tiger species are endangered and some of them have become extinct. In this article you will read about one the smallest and threatened species of the tiger, the Sumatran Tiger.

The Sumatran Tigers are native to Islands of Sumatran in Indonesia. The Sumatran Tiger is a rare species of the tigers. These Sumatran Tigers are different in their size and appearance than the other species of the tigers.

Sumatran Tigers are relatively smaller and their stripes are narrower than other tigers.

Loss of habitat,mainly due to deforestation and killing by poachers are major threats for Sumatran Tigers And have made them one of the Endangered species of tigers.

Like other tigers these Sumatran Tigers are solitary and live lonely in the forest.

KINGDOM            Animalia

PHYLUM                Chordata

     CLASS                  Mammalia

   ORDER                    Carnivora

FAMILY                 Felidae

GENUS                   Panthera

 SPECIES             P.tigris

SUBSPECIES          P.t. sumatrae


Sumatran Tiger Size

Sumatran Tiger is the smallest species of tigers. These tigers are smaller with different stripes pattern.The fur coat is somewhat darker than other tigers with dense black stripes.The mane is more grown and larger in Sumatran Tigers.The stripes are denser and end with small spots.

The size of Male Sumatran Tigers is about 2.2 m in length and weighs about 100 to 140 kg. The female Sumatran Tiger is about 2.1 to 2.3 m in length and weighs about 75 to 100 kg. Thus the Sumatran Tigers  ate rare smallest tigers confined to islands of Sumatran.

Sumatran Tiger Facts

1. Lions and tigers are closely related. If you shaved them you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart because their body structure is so similar.

2. Their teeth can be very long, as well. Some tigers have teeth as long as 3 inches (7 cm).

3. Tigers are fantastic swimmers. They can forge rivers and lakes that are 3.7 to 5 miles (6 to 8 km) wide.

4.  Tiger cubs will start hunting from as young as 1 year old, but they’ll stay with their mother until they’re 2 years old.

5.  There are five tiger subspecies and Sumatran tigers are the smallest – hard to believe when Jae Jae weighs an       impressive 136 kg.

6. Conservationists estimate that there could be as few as 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.

7.  Unlike like most of their cousins, tigers love swimming and will frequently cool off by having a dip in nearby rivers.

8. No two tigers are ever the same; each has its own unique stripe pattern.

9. Fossils of tiger remains in China show that tigers could be over 2 million years old!

10. Sumatran tigers have the narrowest black stripes of any tiger subspecies. These tigers live in dense and  thick vegetation on island, this type of stripe pattern provides them better camouflage and helps in hunting the prey.

11 Tigers have five different types of whiskers on their body. These whiskers pick up on vibrations their prey makes when moving through the jungle.

12. tigers can see six times better than humans in night.

13. The life span of tiger is about 10 to 15 years in nature.



 The Sumatran tiger differs in the appearance from other tigers like Siberian Tigers and Bengal tigers. The Sumatran tigers are considered as the smallest tigers of all. The male tigers are lighter in weight as they weigh only 100 to 140 kg which is very less than other tigers’ weight. The Sumatran tigers are smaller in length also.

The Sumatran tiger has larger mane than other tigers. The fur coat is dark orange in color with dark black narrow stripes all over body. The tail is long and has black rings and black end of the tail. The tail is used for balancing body while running. The stripes are narrower and more in number than other tigers. Such stripes help in camouflage.

The Sumatran tiger has slightly webbed claws, helping them in swimming fast after prey.Sumatran tigers are fast runners and good swimmers.

 Because of their small size they have less difficulty traveling through dense jungles than other tiger species do.The stripes on the Sumatran Tiger are closer together and much thinner than those found on any other tiger species. This is due to the fact that they evolved with thin stripes because their natural habitat is full of high grass and their close stripes allow them to easily blend in.


Sumatran Tiger Habitat

The Sumatran Tigers are native to Islands of Sumatran in Indonesia in South Asia. The Sumatran Tiger species is confined to various regions of islands of Sumatra.

Sumatran tigers are found in particular areas on the islands of Sumatra. These tigers are found in wide range from lowland coastal regions to highland mountainous forests. 

Sumatran tigers live in tropical forests , flooded mangrove forests as well as dry forests.

Now Sumatran tigers are protected and conserved in nation parks and protected areas.


Sumatran Tiger Diet

Like other tigers Sumatran tigers are also Carnivores. They feed on the prey killed by them. They mostly hunt the preys like deer, pigs,fowl and other mammals.
As proximity of water in their habitat they also catch prey from the water. The Sumatran tigers have slightly webbed claws for easy swimming. They catch fishes, crocodiles and other animals. They sometimes feed on rats and mice also.
The access to food in their habitat is less and these Sumatran tigers have less food for them to eat so they are lighter in weight and smaller in size than other  tigers.

Conservation Status

Sumatran Tiger species is listed as Endangered Species on the Red list of International Union For Conversation of nature (IUCN). The Sumatran Tiger faces threats due to shrinkage of their habitat due to Deforestation. Deforestation is also responsible for loss of food and shelter.

The Sumatran Tiger has not natural predators, But they are killed by humans for poaching and medicinal use of their body parts.

Population of Sumatran Tigers has been declining for many years and now about 500 Sumatran Tigers are surviving on the islands of Sumatra.


Sumatran Tiger Pictures

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