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Spitting Cobra information

The Spitting Cobras are Venomous Snake are projecting their venom through their fangs. They are more defensive in nature and followed by the appearance with any predator they spits the Venom through pressing their glands through contraction of muscles present nearer to eyes.

Due to the Spitting procedure of this variety is known as “Spitting Cobra“. The total number of 14 snakes are spitting cobras from Naja genus.The spitting cobras are as below:

Asian Spitting Cobra

  • Naja mandalayensis
  • Naja miolepsis
  • Naja philippinensis
  • Naja samarensis
  • Naja siamensis
  • Naja sputatrix
  • Naja sumatrana

African Spitting Cobra

  • Naja ashe
  • naja katiensis
  • Naja mossambica
  • naja nigricincta
  • Naja nigricollis
  • Naja nubiae
  • Naja pallida

Physical features

The Spitting Cobras vary in their colors, length and scales. Most of the spitting cobras have particular appearance.

The length of Spitting Cobras is 2.7 to 8 ft on average and they weigh about 7 to 9 kg. Ashe’s Spitting Cobra is the biggest spitting cobra. Mozambique Spitting Cobra is Smaller Spitting Cobra.

All spitting cobras have flattened and wide head, larger nostrils and distinctive neck. some of African Spitting Cobras have dark bands on the neck.

Spitting Cobra Facts information


1. These Spitting Cobras have small holes in front of their fangs which allow them to spray out the venom.

2. When these cobras find a predator or a threat in front of them, they squeeze the venom sacs’ muscles and force the venom out from their fang holes.

3. The holes present on the fangs of these cobras are of teardrop shape. This shape in particular allow spraying of a narrow venom stream.

4. These snakes are capable of spraying venom with extreme accuracy up to 6.6 feet. To make things senseless, they are capable of spraying their venom in 40 consecutive times continuously.

5. These snakes are not very strong and muscular and cannot kill a prey by strangulation and asphyxiation. The fangs of this snake group are to strong so that they can hold and bite the predator for a long time period.

6. The name ‘spitting cobra’ is somewhat misleading. These snake don’t really spit out venom.

7. The venom of these snakes is so mild that they don’t cause any harm when it falls on skin.

8. The venom is strong enough to affect the eyes. when the venom falls on eyes, it cause temporary blindness through chemical conjunctivitis.

9. The study reported that the cobras make a special type of neck and head movement and spray the venom in geometric oval shapes.

10. The venom is sprayed out directly from the fangs in distinctive patterns and the sprayed venom is directed towards the face of the target, especially the eyes. 

11. These snakes spray out venom in geometric shapes because they anticipate head movements of victims.

12. Spitting cobra venom can lead to permanent blindness in situations of heavy damage of tissues.

13. Southeast Asia and southern Africa are the natural habitats of these snakes.

14. They are more widespread in grasslands, fields and forests but they are often found close to human settlements in southeast Asia.

15. In Southern Africa they are commonly found in semi desert areas as well as in dry savanna.

16. There are seven major species found in Africa of which, Red Spitting Cobras, Ashe’s spitting cobra, Mozambique Spitting Cobras, black Necked Spitting Cobra and Zebra Spitting cobra are the most notable ones.

17. In Asia too there are 7 different species found equatorial Spitting Cobra, Philippine Cobra, Indochinese Spitting Cobra, and Indonesian Spitting Cobras are the most notable ones.

18. Ashe’s Spitting Cobra is the world’s largest spitting cobra species with the average length of these snakes reaching up to 6.5 feet. The recorded longest species of this is about 9 feet.

19. The smallest species of all spitting cobras is the Mozambique Spitting Cobra with an average length of 3 feet.

20. The venom Most potent venom of all spitting cobras is that of the Philippine Cobra. It is the second most toxic of all cobra venom known to man. The venom of spitting cobra takes  long time to kill a human. The venom of Philippine Cobra takes about half an hour to kill one adult human.

21. The venom of Philippine Cobra is pure neurotoxin. Cytotoxins are not present in its venom.

22. Spitting cobras are not the only ones that spit out venom. The Chinese Mangshan pit Viper is also known to spit venom but not accurate as spitting cobras.

23. They are having a hood position with upright posture and are of most iconic snakes in the world.

Taxonomic Classification

Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum      –  Chordata

Class           –  Reptilia

Order          –  Squamata

Family        –  Elapidae


Species        –  Naja naja

Spitting Cobra Habitat information

The cobras of spitting types are mainly live in Asia and Africa. The spitting cobras mainly live in termite holes, abandoned mammals burrows, long bushes. This type of cobras are also found in dry arid regions, dry savanna and semi desert.

They are caught wild and defensive when they disturbed, they will rear up there front part of the body flatten off there narrow hood hiss loud and spit there venom in the direction of there attacker, when there attacker is not impressed they will often choose to move away and hide.

Spitting Cobra Diet information

The Spitting Cobras eat variety of mammals and amphibians like frogs, toads, rats, mice, birds, eggs of birds, lizards, smalls snakes etc.

Spitting Cobra Behaviour information 

These Reptiles are active, potent, fast and more alert. As the cobras move with continuous motion that shows Spitting ability along the same direction of predator.

They are more aggressive during night hours like example of Indo-Chinese Spitting Cobras. These snakes are uprising and can extend their neck portion to show warding and scaring off their predator.


Pictures of Spitting cobra


spitting cobra pictures


spitting cobra pictures and videos


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spitting cobra images


spitting cobra pics


mozambique spitting cobra photos


equatorial spitting cobra


spitting cobra photos


mozambique spitting cobra


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mozambique spitting cobra bite


spitting cobra pictures and videos


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