Siberian Tiger Habitat, Facts And Information

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tigers are killed for different purposes so maximum of these group species are endangered and some of them are extinct. Here in this detailed article which is about one of the Endangered species of tiger and the Largest subspecies called Siberian Tiger.

These tigers are known as Amur Tiger too which means is the Largest Cat in the World. In early timing these cat species were big in number but some their ranges are declined now  a days.

The Siberian horse losses their habitat because of deforestation and killing by hunt masters is  the main  threats for Siberian Tigers which one the only reason made them Endangered Species Of Tigers.

These Variety Tigers are in distinctive look with their unique yellowish to orange coat presentation and dull color. They have thick and broad stripes and the mane is also thick.



Kingdom – Animalia

Phylum   – Chordata

Order      – Carnivora

Family     – Felidae

Genus      – Panthera

Species    – Panthera tigris

       Subspecies   –  P.t.atlaica                         


These Tigers are found basically in adaptation of cold climatic condition and has a coat of thick fatty layered coat on their body with dense fur and some dark spots like tiger which is generally seen with the same condition. The patches in white color are commonly seen on the portion of belly, neck, chest portion and inner part of the limbs.

Siberian tigers are having thick mane with furry coat of the body that helps them to keep warm in cold climate condition.

The coat of the Siberian Tigers differs in winter and summer seasons. In the season of winter coat becomes more thicker and lighter in color. The length of the hairs along with the whole body portion.


Siberian Tigers are having maximum flexibility in body with long tail around 42 inches in male while 35 inches in females. The Total length of this species is about 75 to 85  inches and males are more larger than females. Till days biggest Siberian Tiger found had a total length of 138 inches.


The average weight of a Siberian Tiger about 475 pounds for males and 300 pounds for females but an unique specimen reached the range of 1020 pounds.


The Siberian Tigers are mainly found in Russia but some species were also seen in China and North Korea due to movement of these animals from border and traveling in search of their food.
They are found in the Taiga and Boreal forest region. Wandering in search of food they have to travel 1,000 kilometers from South to North region of Russia.
About 90 percent of Siberia Tigers are living in the mountain range of Sikhote-Alin and others are native in South West of Primorye and east Manchuria.

Siberian tigers like to live in hilly areas covered with snow. They can be seen in forests also.


The Siberian Tiger like to feed from many species such as musk deer, Siberian roe deer, sika deer, Manchuria wapitis, moose, Siberian roe deer, red deer, gorals, wild boars, rabbits and salmon etc.

Like other tigers,Siberian Tigers are also solitary animals. They prefer to live alone and hunt alone. They prefer to attack on their prey usually in night hours.The Siberian tigers can see six times better in night than humans. The better night vision makes them good predators at night.

Siberian tigers have sharp and strong teeth. Their claws are retractable and strong giving better grip on the prey. The stripes provides them camouflage during hunting, they can hide between grass, bushes and trees.

They stalk their prey until they reach very close to the prey and then they attack or hold on the prey.. They attack surprisingly from side or behind with a quick jump and a lethal neck bite to capture and control position of their prey.


It’s a solitary and sharp Tiger species while they are wandering in search of food they make marks trees and rocks and nearby places where they had went through. Though the Siberian Tiger species are present in few hundred numbers so they have a vast area to cover while searching for food.
The Siberian Tiger is well known for their powerful attack and gripping, strength , fearsome reputation and also fear in human. Mostly they try to avoid people while hunting.


The Siberian Tigers have reached to sexual maturity only at four years of age and can mate anytime or any season. Females leave their marks on trees and a smell while moving nearby male tigers because they are more receptive of these signs of female tiger.
Mating gets start after 5 to 6 days of meeting. After mating male tiger leaves the female without thinking if offspring. Once female tiger pregnant expect birth of cubs if about 3 to 4 months and are of 2 to 4 in number per delivery. Some cases of 6 offspring per delivery were seen in past days.

The baby tigers called as cubs are blind at the birth. They are totally dependent on mother. The female tiger takes care of its cubs for 3 to 5 years.
These tiger offspring are spending most if their time in feeding and playing Until the age of 18 months and above when they are ready for hunting.


The Siberian Tiger has classified as Endangered by the list of IUCN Threatened list of animals. They faced difficulties mainly due to human activities. In 1930, It’s worst time was noticed when about 20 to 30 species were remained. But good comes earlier because in 2005, Census again estimated their number and they were increased about 365 in numbers.

The Siberian Tiger has not natural predators.The affecting factor is human interruption and activity in their natural habitat. They are illegally killed by humans for poaching and medicinal use of their body parts.Population of Siberian Tigers has been declining for many years.

This Siberian Tigers never harm anybody until they are not provoked badly and they have cute, kind nature. One case in 2007, when a tiger escaped from a zoo in California and killed a person who was harassing that tiger whole day. This case got a big media attention and gave bad impression that tiger feeds from human but this is not true at all.

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