Eastern Brown Snake Diet, Habitat

Eastern Brown Snake


Eastern Brown Snake is  the world’s second most venomous land snake. These snakes are more active during the day, especially when the weather is warm, sunny days, making them probably the most frequently confronted venomous snakes in Australia.

It is a venomous Elapid snake found in the eastern half of Australia, except in Tasmania.

The Eastern Brown Snake feeds mainly on small mammals, in particular rodents, the introduced rats and mice.

The Eastern Brown Snake also fed on frogs, lizards, birds, eggs, and they even feed on other snakes.

Eastern Brown Snake is known to share the same shelter to live over winter.Eastern Brown Snake is often confused with “ King Brown Snake” whose habitats they share in many areas.

The eastern brown snake is usually orange-brown in color, but variations from light to dark brown color to an almost black are also found. Their belly is a light cream color, often with orange patches.

The Eastern Brown Snake reproducing season begins in mid to late spring. The males will engage in a form of ritual combat to gain the right to mate with receptive females.

The Eastern Brown Snake is that type of species which is oviparous and female lay up to 25 eggs in late spring, but the average clutch is about 15 eggs.The hatch-lings are about 7.5 to 11 inches in length at the time of birth.

Images Of Eastern Brown Snake

australian eastern brown snake


eastern brown snake bite


eastern brown snake bite

eastern brown snake habitat


eastern brown snake australia


eastern brown snake bite


eastern brown snake facts


eastern brown snake australia


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